Minerals Science Kit with DVD

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Labs, DVD, and complete Teacher's Guide in every kit!

Minerals -- Activities include analyzing physical properties such as hardness, luster, cleavage and fracture, then identifying several sets of unknown minerals. DVD: Minerals; Building Blocks of the Earth

The combination of doing lab activities and viewing the concepts in the critically acclaimed video (approximately 20 minutes in length) will result in a dynamically interactive learning experience.  Your student(s) will appreciate the opportunity to reinforce the concepts they learned in the video when doing the activities featured in each lab (station). 

The Teacher's Guide provides a valuable resource containing sections on DVD goals, specific lab learning outcomes, teaching strategies and tips for success along with a day-by-day lesson plan.  Copy masters are provided for the pre-/post test, lab instruction sheets and student answer sheets.  A correlation of each unit to the National Science Standards is also provided.  Labs have been designed to capitalize on a wide variety of learning styles.  The metric system and mathematics are also emphasized. 

These kits are designed to be a complete course of study that every teacher, from the inexperienced to the master teacher, will find invaluable in delivering engaging hands-on Science!

Recommended for students 12+ years of age.  Each kit provides weeks of concentrated study.  Pace the labs to your scheduling needs.  Add supplemental study through textbooks, library books, field trips and/or additional technology. 

We recommend adding the Earth Science Library to enhance this course.  

Inspiring the next generation of scientists and explorers.  

We make science cool!