Rocks and Minerals Collection

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Geosciences Industries 13357 Introductory Earth Science Classroom Rocks and Minerals Collection

  • Collection includes 75 mineral and rock samples
  • Each sample is numbered and identified on the collection index sheet
  • Samples measure approximately 1"-2" in size
  • Rock samples include igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic
  • Collection contains the index sheet, an introductory study guide, a streak plate, and a magnifier

Product description

This classroom rocks and minerals collection provides students with hands-on experience testing physical properties. The collection and materials are designed to correlate with standard earth science texts, and can be used for demonstrating the physical properties of minerals, including hardness, specific gravity, luster, tenacity, cleavage, fracture, streak, and magnetism. The collection includes 75 rock and mineral samples (measuring approximately 1-2"), a streak plate, a magnifier, a collection index sheet, and a study guide (with rock classification and rock cycle charts). The samples fall into 1 of 7 categories- minerals in the scale of hardness, streak-luster-cleavage-fracture-specific gravity, rock forming minerals, ores of metals and nonmetals, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. This collection is great both at home and in the classroom, designed for grades 4-12.