ROCK ON! Geology Game with Rock & Mineral Collection

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ROCK ON! Geology Game with Rock & Mineral Collection – Collect and Learn with STEM-based Educational Science Kit in Carrying Case - Amethyst, Rhodonite, Selenite Crystal, Unakite and lots more

  • LEARN: teacher-recommended, science game kit offers STEM-based, hands-on learning while exploring Earth’s geological treasures
  • COLLECT: rock and mineral collection with nice specimens and identification guide. Plus, lots of polished rock and mineral pieces.
  • PLAY: 5 levels of play for up to 6 players in an educational, Geology science game offer fun, challenge and knowledge for pre-readers through elementary school-age and beyond
  • SMILE: connect with our magnificent Earth and foster a love of nature - playtime, family-night, birthday parties, school or camp activity
  • QUALITY: nice rock collection and durable print pieces that are made to last. All packaged in a Grab and Go, easy grip handle, carrying case and proudly MADE IN USA. This is a quality product that we completely guarantee.

Spark kids interest in Rocks, Minerals, Geology and foster a love of nature that can last a lifetime.

Our ROCK ON! kit includes nice-size specimens of many different rocks and minerals with at least one rock from each of the 3 classes - igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Plus beautiful, polished rock and mineral pieces such as rose quartz, agate, aventurine, jasper and many others. Identification guides make sorting and identifying engaging and fun.

STEM-Based, Hands-On Learning Game

Explore our magnificent Earth while creating fun, educational times with kids. Our ROCK ON! game features STEM-based content that supports school curriculum. Topics touch on everything from simple vocabulary to plate tectonics to ecology - use just for fun or great conversation starters on important subjects.

Our Grab & Go Carrying Case

Kids love to carry their collectibles around. Our carrying case with its easy-grip handle makes it easy to grab and go on play dates, in the car, to school or Grandma and Grandpa's house.