Ooze Labs Alien Slime Kit

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Alien Slime Lab Science Experiment Kit & Lab Setup, 10 Experiments with Slime | A Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner

  • Mix up four different types of slime and conduct scientific tests to identify them!
  • Real STEM learning with a fun, fictional storyline, you are the lead chemist in your very own out-of-this-world Laboratory and it's your job to identify ufos-unidentifiedd funky oozes!
  • Conduct viscosity tests on the slime, disect it with tweezers and a plastic scalpel, cut out a brain shape, Stamp it with an alien head, and add eyes to your Alien slime!
  • Safety guaranteed: includes safe, non-toxic materials (does not contain borax) and an instruction manual that guides experimentation and offers engaging scientific information.
  • Compatible with other kits in the ooze labs line; Use the UFO Alien slime lab station independently, or combine it with other ooze labs stations to create the ultimate chemistry Laboratory!
  • A parents' Choice Recommended award winner

Real STEM Learning with a Fun Science-Fiction Storyline!

As lead chemist in your very own out-of-this-world laboratory, it’s your job to identify UFOs — Unidentified Funky Oozes! Set up and use your lab station to mix up batches of unidentified “alien” slime and conduct tests on them to analyze and investigate their special properties. Real science and playful science fiction come together in this wacky, activity-filled kit!

  • Ages 6 and up
  • 24-page, full-color illustrated manual with experiments and scientific explanations
  • 10 experiments
  • 28 pieces
  • Use alone, or combine with Ooze Labs Chemistry Station and Ooze Labs Soap & Bath Bomb Lab to create a mega lab!

What's Inside the Box?

With 28 pieces, this kit has everything you need to conduct experiments like a real scientist including: a station base, equipment stands, test tubes, a scalpel, petri dish, and lots of tools and non-hazardous chemicals. The lab station itself is easy to assembly and reconfigure for different experiments. The full-color manual guides your scientific exploration through 10 out-of-this-world fun, slimy, cool experiments.

The Mission

The experiments in the manual are presented as assignments from Mission Control. As an extraterrestrial researcher, you are tasked with identifying different types of slime that have been discovered on an alien planet! The 10 assignments will have you testing the viscosity of slimes, conducting gravity tests on them, dissecting them, and more. You'll even have the chance to mold your own glowing slime alien!

Educational Value

While the storyline of this kit is purely fictional and intended only to make scientific exploration more fun and playful, the experiments are 100% real! Each experiment is accompanied by a straight-forward, easy-to-understand explanation for what's happening and why it's important. The manual introduces kids to scientific terms like molecules, polysaccharides, viscosity, photons, iridescence, and more. An additional 'Check It Out' section provides a brief introduction to the research some scientists are conducting to determine whether or not intelligent life exists on other planets.