Complete Dissection Kit

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We have done all the planning and assembled the necessary materials for you!

This kit includes:
Dissecting Tools
Dissecting Tray
The classic manual with detailed illustrations How to Dissect by William Berman
7 preserved specimens including:
4"- 6" Crayfish (plain)
9"- 12" Earthworm
4"- 5" Freshwater Clam
4"- 4.5" Leopard Frog (plain)
7"- 9" Yellow Perch (plain)
5"- 6" Starfish
large Grasshopper (plain)
Complete dissecting tool set includes: 

#4 Scalpel Handle
#3 Scalpel Handle
# 10 and # 24 Blade
Cartilage Knife
5.5" s/b Straight Scissors 
4.5" Iris Scissors 
Straight and Angular Metal Teasing Needle 
4.5" Forceps Fine Tip 
5" Forceps 
Probe and Hook 
Chain and Hook 
6" Ruler 
Blow Pipe 6" 
Vinyl Case

Book " How to Dissect" covers: earthworm, crayfish, grasshopper, clam, squid, starfish, dogfish, shark, perch, frog, fetal pig, and gladiolus.

Aluminum dissecting pan with wax 11.5 x 7.5