Fizz Wizard and Jammin' Jelly Reaction Kit

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  Chemistry experiments you can eat and drink. Make soda pop, then make it change colors. Pull tasty jelly things from a solution. Make Polymer Pudding. Learn about chemical solutions, acid-base reactions, indicators, pH, and gels.

solutions, formulas, acids, bases, neutralization reaction, carbonation, indicators, pH, chemistry of anthocyanins (red cabbage pigments), gels, polymers, inquiry, observation, models, use of the pipet, control of variables

 Contains Magic Color Crystals (red cabbage extract), citric acid (1 oz), sodium bicarbonate (1 oz), calcium acetate (4 g), sodium alginate mixture (1 oz),pipet, stirrers, spoon, fork, small scoops, cups, MSDS and instructions. All food grade ingredients.