Chemistry Sampler

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  Fourteen Super! Wow! Neat!  individually packaged chemistry projects perfect for project work, after school programs, and home schooling. Each kit includes several activities and experiments, enough materials for several trials, and a booklet with instructions and concepts. Ages 8+ with adult supervision.
  • Polarity of Water - Make a stream of water bend. See how many drops of water can fit on the surface of a penny.
  • Crystal Tree - Grow a beautiful crystal tree in 2 hours and learn about the chemistry behind it.
  • Quantum Leap - Add the glow powder to glue or paint and make them glow-in-the-dark. Learn how to make a glowing glue ball and the chemistry behind phosphorescence, a real quantum leap.
  • Magic Color Crystals - Make foaming color changing drinks. Learn about acid-base indicators and pH.
  • Crystal Gel - Make crystal gel swell hundreds of times its size. See it appear to disappear. Learn about refraction, polymers, gels, and osmosis.
  • Super Water Absorber - Learn how to do the magic super water slurper trick. Experiment with polymers, gels, and osmosis.
  • Disappearing Ink - It disappears and reappears. Learn about acid-base chemistry and pH.
  • Jelly Things - Make a tasty polymer pudding and juicy orange jelly things. Learn about polymers and gels.
  • Thermochromic Things - See who is hot and who is cool with thermochromic materials.
  • Photochromic Paint - Have fun with photons while experimenting with photochemical reactions.
  • Solar Beads - Make them change colors with sunlight. Make a UV detector. Have fun with photons! And learn about photochemical reactions.
  • Cool Chem-Light - Learn the secrets behind flashing fireflies and make light from a chemical reaction.
  • Magic Sand - Hydrophobic Coated Sand - Make strange underwater structures. Pour the water off and the sand is 'magically dry'. And learn the chemistry behind the magic.
  • The Spectator - Turn white light into spectacular rays of bright colors. Use them to analyze colors and light.