Thames and Kosmos Sophisticated Perfume Science

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Product Features

  • Explore the physiology of smell
  • Play games with smell and taste
  • Discover the history of perfumes
  • Extract fragrances from plants
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Product Description

   From the Manufacturer

Perfume Science: The Art of Making Scents. Follow your nose on a fragrant journey through the science, history, and art of making perfumes. Experiment with countless fragrance combinations on your way to becoming a master perfumer. Start by learning about how your nose and brain work together to perceive smells. Next, play some games with scents to train your nose. After a look at the history of fragrances and the current theories behind perfume design, you will be ready to start making your own perfumes. This kit is a complete perfumer's laboratory including either perfume oils, finishing solution, decorative flacons and important tools of the trade. The perfume oils are the same as those used in high-quality designer perfumes. The 32-page, full-color book blossoms with information about the biology of smell, the chemistry of scents, the fine fragrance industry, and the history of perfumes.

   Product Description

The nose knows - this delightful kit is the perfect introduction to the science of scent.Become a master perfumer by combining countless fragrancesLearn the history, science and art of perfumeryDiscover how your sense of smell - and taste - are regulated by your brainBuild your knowledge of biology and chemistryDelight friends with custom-blended scentsComplete perfumers lab contains eight perfume oils, decorative falcons, essential tools of the trade and 48-page manualScience, history, art and intrigue combined - now, that smells like fun!