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ASK Live Labs:  

Purchase this complete kit and then get ready to join the teacher online via Zoom to dig-in and have fun learning cool science!  
September 14th, 2:00PT  or  September 16th, 3:00PT

Topics discussed:  solutions, reversible chemical reactions, solubility, precipitate, indicators, pH, neutralization, acids and bases, titration, variables

Activities: Turn three colorless liquids into red, white and blue.  Make the colors disappear and reappear.  Do the famous Disappearing Ink tricks.  Make test papers and learn about the chemistry behind soludtions, precipitates, acid-base reactions and pH.

Kit Contents: Contains phenolphthalein and thymolphthalein solutions (1 oz), sodium carbonate (1 oz), citric acid (1 oz) calcium chloride (1 oz), pipets, stirrers, beaker, small scoops, cups, funnel, wood rack, MSDS and instructions. Everything you need is included!

Recommended for ages 9 and up with adult supervision at home.

About ASK Live Labs

Our online teachers are carefully selected by Academy of Science for Kids(ASK) to be certified, professional, and caring.

The Zoom classroom access code and teacher introduction will be sent to you via an email link ahead of the scheduled class meeting time. 

ASK Live Labs are approximately 45 mins in length and can be attended by a varying number of students and ages.  (Private instruction can also be arranged.  Please contact us directly if you wish to have a one-on-one lesson.)  

Class size is limited to 25 students maximum.

Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and respond during the lesson. 

The teacher will introduce the activities and discuss the topics during the Live Lab.  Students will then be instructed on how to complete the remaining kit contents independently.  The science kits are absolutely complete!  You don't have to supply anything additional.

Follow-up questions may be submitted to the teacher via email at any time.  Please allow 24 hours for a response, but we'll try to be quicker than that.  

ASK Live Labs align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSSS) and are curriculum approved for Homeschooling science credits.