Welcome to the Academy of Science for Kids

Academy of Science for Kids (ASK)® has been nurturing children's love of science since 1997 by providing FUN, hands-on STEM activities. Our mission is to prepare future Scientists and caretakers of the natural world for a lifetime of imaginative investigation.

Our programs edu-tain© your group with hassle-free, hands-on fun, where each child participates by using our proprietary tool kits. Through a discovery style learning approach, your children's curiosity and confidence is encouraged and celebrated.

Because Science is FUN!


Whether it's a week long camp, after school hour, daylong field trip, or 30-minute workshop, we can customize our programs to fit your needs.

Hosting Academy of Science for Kids at your place is EASY!  We do all the work! Our professionally trained scientist(s) conduct the program from start to finish. Programming is designed for kindergarten through the eighth grade, and most can also be adapted for a younger group.

And if it's a birthday or holiday party you need, we've got partying down to a science...way COOL science!


Academy of Science For Kids® brings STEM education to children with FUN, hands-on learning activities. Our programs nurture children's love of science and teach the skills of a real scientist. We edu-tain© children!

Our programs are designed to assist educators and program directors by offering experiences in STEM subjects that are aligned with national and state education standards. You will be helping children to develop a curiosity and confidence in the many applications of science in their daily lives. You may be helping to set the wheels in motion for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math.

Academy of Science For Kids® will come to your location and convert your space into a working laboratory. Our Staff Scientist(s) will supervise all of the safe, hands-on projects that are guaranteed to excite.

We do all the work and there is absolutely no cost to you!  We can handle registration, payment processing, set-up/clean-up and offer a dynamic marketing approach to make your program a success.

We can customize programs to fit your specific needs. Contact Academy of Science For Kids® today to discuss your programming needs.
Anatomy and Physiology Discover how cool the human body really is! Build a model of the cell, explore different organs and organ systems, and experiment with the body's response to stimuli. Use the tools of a real doctor for a prescription of FUN!
Animal Safari Investigate the amazing world of animals on this fun expedition. Design a habitat for a wiggly friend, hatch some curious crustaceans, dissect an owl's dinner and take part in an archaeological dig. Plus, check out some really cool animal adaptations that are simply spectacular.
Chemistry Mysteries Investigate the magical properties of solids, liquids and gases as you discover that things are not what they seem! You will experiment with ooze and goos, worms and germs, and gases that will make you giggle.
Crazy Chemical Reactions Create some surprising chemical reactions as you learn about real chemistry. Dissect atoms first, and then combine some to create way COOL concoctions that produce some surprising results.
Crime Solving Become a CSI agent as you solve a mystery by collecting evidence, identifying mystery powders, interpreting teeth impressions, and dusting for fingerprints. You decide the "Who done it?" to receive your CSI Badge.
Far-Out Astronomy Explore Planet Earth and our Moon before we travel out into our solar system. Launch rockets and eat like real astronauts. Make sun-clocks, moon craters, space rovers and more for FAR-OUT experience.
Food & Consumer Science Explore and test some of the products on store shelves, but wait, there's more....Make your own chewing gum and chocolate, experiment with some favorite snack foods, and create some products that delight the senses.
Holiday Happiness We've got holidays down to a science...really COOL science! Enjoy a smorgasbord of activities chosen to celebrate the special calendar occasion.
It's Electric Experiment with designing circuits that power all kinds of fun things! Build your own flashlight, robot night-light and learn Morse ode as you get turned on to physics. It's electrifying!
Physics of Fun Toys Build and test some really cool toys loaded with potential energy. You get to design roller coasters, rockets, catapults, airplances, cars and levitating vehicles for a whole lot of motion commotion.
Robots & Engineering Construct your own clever designs to take on challenges in aerospace, chemical, environmental, civil, mechanical, and industrial engineering activites.
Rock Hound Become a geologist as you dig into rocks looking for minerals, fossils and gemstones! Learn to identify minerals, make sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and erupt a volcano!