Freqently Asked Questions

What makes this science curriculum unique?
Little Professor Science Kits are based on a guided inquiry approach, with a conscious development of student process skills. Instead of telling children "this is what you are supposed to know", we give students the problems to investigate and the materials to use for investigations, which will guide them to develop their own understanding of the concepts.

I have more than one student/child. Can the kits be used for more than one child?
We have many families and co-ops of students learning science together from one kit. You may register your students under your one account. Each child will have their own login, password, and ability to earn degrees and diplomas by taking the online test.

How can Little Professor Science Kits be appropriate for children all the way from 5 years of age to 15 years of age?
It is expected that younger children will need more adult supervision in the completion of the activities, journal entries, and on-line tests. Older children should be more capable of independent work. We find that all ages benefit from the meaningful activities in a kit--we even hear from many adults who develop a new understanding and appreciation for science. And we hear from Moms like this, "We are halfway through the Chemistry kit and have completed the Physics one. I showed my daughters a video intended for AP Physics students in high school, and they looked at me gape-mouthed, "Mommy, WE understand that stuff! Is that really for HIGH SCHOOL??!!"

Don't we need a textbook to supplement the kits?
Forget about a textbook. How about Videos, Reading Passages, Virtual Labs and Games - technology that turns today's kids on! The Academy of Science for Kids is pleased to recommend two incredible, internet resources - and These technological masterpieces feature the most current supplementary science tools and are completely Free! Textbooks and boring lectures are history. The Academy of Science for Kids intends to advance the future.
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