About The Academy Of Science For Kids


OUR MISSION is to engage the curious minds of children with meaningful science activities.
OUR GOAL is to prepare future scientists and caretakers of the natural world for a lifetime of imaginative investigation.


Academy of Science for Kids, LLC (ASK) was originally founded on October 15, 2007.

On May 14, 2008 we debuted the first four modules of Little Professor Science Kits in Life Science 101; Seeds, Physics 101; Newton's Laws, Chemistry 101; Polymers, and Earth Science 101; Rocks and Minerals. Over the next few years we focused on improving these modules, and designing new modules.

In 2009 we launched six new kits. They included Life Science 102; Ecology, Life Science 103; Dissection, Physics 102; Electricity, Chemistry 102; Matter, and Earth Science 102; Astronomy.

In 2010, we became an approved science curriculum for homeschoolers of Alaska, California, Washington and Florida. Our science kits were also discovered by classroom teachers to be full course curriculum choices.

In 2011, we added two new Little Professor Science Kits, Chemistry 103; Food Science and Physics; 103; Robotics. Homeschooling families and classroom teachers from virtually every state in the country were using our kits.

In 2012, we launched Life Science 105; Human Body and Earth Science 103; Weather, bringing the total count to 14.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, ASK grew dramatically, and in early 2012, it was determined that a new company, Lab Cats Supply, LLC, would be formed. The company continued marketing ASK proprietary products, as well as other science manufactures' products.

2013 saw the introduction of Physics 104; Simple Machines and Life Science 106; Advanced Dissection to the Little Professor Science Kit line. Lab Cats Supply also grew by leaps and bounds, as some of the world's most respected science suppliers chose ASK to distribute for them.

We have a busy conference schedule for 2014 and will be presenting for the first time at the National Science Teacher Association's Conference in Boston, April 3-6, 2014.

Joanie Falk


Joanie Falk of Palm Harbor, Florida is not your typical science teacher. She is a bundle of energy with a passion and optimism that never seems to wane. She is a difference maker in the classroom, the kind of teacher that changes a child's attitude toward learning.

For Joanie, it is her first love, the love of learning that led to her life's work of teaching. And it is the excitement she feels when the eyes of her young students light up, that encourages her each day to reach out to another child. But it was at the prompting of parents, combined with an article in the Washington Post that convinced Joanie that the timing was right to take her gift beyond her classroom. The article stated that 15-year-olds in the United States "trail their peers from many industrialized countries and the average science score of U.S. students lagged behind those in 16 of 30 countries."

Determined to influence the lives of students beyond her classroom, Joanie knew that kids learn best and retain more when they are engaged and having fun. This successful formula for learning is the key ingredient behind her program - Academy of Science for Kids (ASK). As president of the highly successful company, Joanie has taken her enthusiasm and combined it with the most successful lesson plans from 18 years of teaching in schools, Girl Scouts and summer camps. The result is her line of Little Professor Science Kits; each kid-tested and kid-approved, which science teachers, both old and new, have come to love.

"These are not just kits", says Mrs. Falk, "but a system of learning designed for success." Each kit contains high quality materials and activities, which have been selected to sustain thought processes necessary for in-depth reasoning. Teachers love that absolutely everything is included and easily executed. Big concepts are taught while allowing a child the freest range of expression and investigation - no narrow, preset instructions to stifle creativity and lead to frustration. Brains will grow and confidence will too!


January 1, 2011 - Letter From Joanie [PDF]
January 1, 2011 - N.S.E.S. Overview and ASK [PDF]
January 1, 2011 - N.S.E.S. Alignment Matrix With ASK [PDF]

What People Are Saying

"Oh, I do..love, love, love them. So does DD. Here is a review I recently posted to Homeschool Reviews:

I do supplement with books and field trips, but then I do that with anything we study.

These Kits are very nice quality and very complete. You never need to add anything but water. Even small things like salt packets are included. There is little to no teacher prep. There is a parent's corner that you can print out additional notes and test questions.

For 7th we have used/using: Rocks/Minerals, Polymers and getting ready to start the Dissection Kit. Which DD has been itching to do for months. I do plan on getting a few additional items thru homesciencetools and a field trip to my brother's goat ranch which he will be dissecting a goat - but this is not planned, but death does happen, so he sometimes performs autopsies on them and wants to show DD how he does them. So what I am saying. anything you can find to add too, only helps.

For 8th grade we are planning: Electricity, Matter, and the Newton's Law Kits. I am planning the Astronomy for the summer because I want to visit a Planetarium so bad...ha!

When I planned these for 7th I had a veteran homeschool Mom come and look at these Kits to make sure they were meaty enough for 7th, and she was over the Moon about these Kits and said definitely yes for 7th and for 8th grade no problem. And supplementing only helps. The only kits that I feel would not be 7th and 8th grade level is the Botany See Kit and the Jr. Naturalist Kit. The rest are very adequate for 7th-8th.

Also with the Polymer Kit, we showed friends and family some things and even they learned and was amazed. Including my 66 year old Dad- which knows just about everything, and he was impressed. So if Adults can learn, they certainly are appropriate for 7-8th grade...

My DD loves Science and wants to go into the Science field. This year for 7th, she did not want the textbook approach and I didn't want to squelch her love of science so when DH found these at our convention, I was so excited, but the price was a little steep for me. I hesitated, but DH did not. And now after using 2 Kits, I am so glad he didn't.

They are worth EVERY PENNY, and if you have more than 1 child, then certainly worth money. There is nothing cheap or low quality about these Kits.

I was looking into Apologia for 8th, but sticking with these Kits. That way I can still make Science 'fun' for another year."

Hope that answers anything. If you need anything else let me know, I even have pictures...ha!

J K, for Homeschool Reviews

"This was the absolute best money we spent at the Homeschool Convention. I have been a science "geek" since my first day of high school (fantastic teacher), and my husband and I met while working in the R&D department at Abbott Laboratories. I have been trying to instill my love for science in my children, but it was at best, okay for them. That is until we used your curriculum. They beg me to keep doing more science each day. Thank you for making science so much fun for them!" Shannon, Ohio

"I did want to elaborate on how crazy my kids are for your kits. All they have done this morning is pour over all the materials. And chat about what they learned (since last night when we got them!), and talk about what is coming today! This is the exact science my husband and I have been searching for for years. I need a all-in-kit, and more importantly something that made them beg for more. And solid in content.

I recently purchased another science (classical in nature), and both my children and myself find it a big bore. It may have the concepts, but lacks the fun! Yours skillfully incorporates both!

We appreciate all of the work you put into these well made kits, and the high quality materials you use. Again, job well done! We look forward to using your kits for many years to come." Stephanie, Georgia

"Just wanted you to know, your science kits are all they we used these last two years for science, and my son just tested two grade levels higher in science on our recent placement test." Denise, Georgia

"My son loves science and I always hated it. Thanks to your kits, I am learning to love science, too!" Kathy, Tennessee

"I've been looking for science materials for 8 years, and these are the best I've ever seen." Jennifer, Tennessee

"I just wanted to RAVE about your science kits. I have to MAKE my kids STOP 'doing science' so they don't complete the whole kit in a day. I wanted to make sure that you were 'on track' for the release of the planned 4 kits for 2009? Pretty please? A.S.K. is the BEST science curriculum I've seen!" Amanda, Tennessee

"The info, the organization, the supplies, everything is right on the spot. Not only was JE intrigued and motivated by the materials, he was able to tackle these independently and learn on his own. He keeps saying with great gusto, 'I LOVE SCIENCE!' And I say, 'Whhooo hooo!'" Celeste, Tennessee

"Thank you very much for making science the subject my kids look forward to most in school!" Liz, Georgia

"My children have a good understanding of Newton's Theories now. We talked with a boy in 9th grade who was learning about Newton's Laws. He was required to memorize them word for word, the way Newton wrote them. My kids seemed to have a better understanding of how they applied to real life applications." Jodie, Florida

"I found the parent's corner and the answers. I did not realize that great parent's guide was there. It will be a tremendous help. Thank you for doing this. We are enjoying science this year! I will make sure to post a good review on my blog to let other moms know. It has saved me so much time. And that I greatly appreciate!" Alicia, Georgia

"A Fantastic Science Find!" Click Here to read what they said! Tolle Lege Christian Academy, Florida

"In 9 years of Homeschooling, I've never seen my children so excited!" Paula, Indiana

"School's gonna be fun again!" Amy, Tennessee

"I wish I had this when I was a kid." Lori, Tennessee

"I wanted to be a builder, but now I want to be a scientist." Kaleb, Florida

"I found the parent's corner and the answer. I did not realize that great parent's guide was there. It will be a tremendous help. Thank you for doing this. We are enjoying science this year! I will make sure to post a good review on my blog to let other moms know. It has saved me so much time. And that I greatly appreciate!" Alicia, Florida
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