Ohaus Scout-Pro

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Superior performance and simple operation have made Scout balances the most popular portable balance in the classroom. With the updated Scout Pro, you get the same exceptional accuracy and reliability of earlier Scouts along with several unique improvements that make this balance the best choice for educators. * Easy to Use for Students of All Skill Levels-Two-button keypad and intuitive, visual menu prompts* High-Contrast LCD Display so you can view student results from any angle* Integrated Weigh-Below Hook* Standard Security Features-Lockdown mode prevents tampering of weighing modes, and integral security bracket guards against theft* Easy to Keep Clean-Sealed front panel, molded spill ring, and removable stainless-steel platform* Calibration Weight-Included with all models up to 600 g* Energy-Saving Auto Shutoff-User programmable settings* Dependable-5-year warranty