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Learning Resources Zoomy 2.0 Handheld Digital Microscope, computer, projector, or interactive whiteboard accessories, Blue

  • All-in-one digital microscope brings technology into the hands of young learners and sparks a natural curiosity about scientific observation and investigation
  • FITS perfectly in a child's hand and can be positioned in any angle over objects to view them magnified 54x. View them immediately on your computer, projector, or interactive whiteboard, or take video or still photos to be used later
  • Plugs directly into your computer, projector, or interactive whiteboard. Compatible with Mac and PC (XP, Vista, Win 7-10) and is automatically recognized as a USB device
  • Supports STEM actives
  • Ages 4+

Product description


This freshly updated, all-in-one handheld digital microscope gives early scientific study a whole new perspective, and is easy for young children to use. Zoom 2.0 magnifies up to 54x and allows students to closely analyze the structure of objects in greater detail than ever before. Use with a computer, projector, or interactive whiteboard. Uploads and connects via USB. Features maximum photo resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, VGA CMOS sensor, 8 LED lights, and 2 lens adapters. Compatible with PC and Mac. Measures 21/2"L and 21/2"H.

This amazing all-in-one digital microscope takes scientific inquiry to a new level. It plugs right into your desktop or laptop via USB cord and displays on your computer monitor. LED illumination and simple focus operation gives you an incredibly high-quality image at up to 43x magnification!

Press the one-touch photo button on the top of the microscope and‚ SNAP! You've got a digital photo. The Zoomy can even take video! The simplicity of operation and the enormous amount of fun will encourage students of all ages to engage in the microscopic world around them.
  • Facilitates scientific observation via high-interest visuals


  • Plugs into computer to display/demonstrate magnified images


  • Allows students to record and describe their investigations and inquiries


  • Downloads to your computer or uploads to your class website, virtual learning network or assessment files


  • Powered by USB connection to your computer — no batteries required


  • Provides clear and sharp images via high-quality resolution


  • Illuminates dark settings or objects


  • Adjusts automatically to LED light available


  • Encourages hands-on investigation


  • Fits perfectly in child’s hand and positions easily to view difficult objects


  • Operates with ease — even for a young child


  • Boosts students' 21st-century skills


  • Works with almost any computer. Unit automatically recognized as USB device —

For the latest version of the software, download now:
PC: Zoomy.exe (file size: 12MB)
Mac: Zoomy_Mac.zip (file size: 2MB)

Learning Magazine, Teachers’ Choice For the Family Award Winner (2012)
Golden Apple Award winner 2011, Best in STEM