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  • Explore the most complex machine in the world: you! This kit includes a 12" realistic human body model and a model of the human brain.
  • Use the forceps, tweezers, and scalpel to build, rebuild, and dissect the brain and body.
  • 10 activity cards and 24-page illustrated book teach kids anatomy, showing them how the brain and body work together to keep you Walking, talking, breathing, and eating.
  • STEM focus: biology and anatomy
  • Ages 8 and up
Smart Lab's Squishy Science from Head to Toe sparks curiosity and reveals the mysteries of the human brain and body for kids eight and up. This set includes transparent, anatomically correct models of the human body and human skull. Kids dissect the squishy organs and glow in the dark bones, nerves and eyeballs with lifelike surgical tools. The colorful information booklet, Organ-izer, and activity cards are packed with scientific information about the human body and the brain.

Explore Anatomically Correct Models of the Skull and Body

This package contains two anatomically correct models for kids to dissect and explore. Our testers found that the model of the human skull was a challenge to assemble, so kids may need help from an adult to build it. The Human Body Model didn't require any assembly and is ready to dissect straight out of the box.

Activity Cards and Booklet Teach Science Facts

The fold-up Organ-izer chart keeps track of the dissected body parts as you explore and makes it easier to put the model back together when you're done. The included 24-page book is a colorful and easy-to-read tour of the wonders of the human brain with fun facts, activities, and quizzes.

The 10 activity cards explain operations you can do on the anatomically correct model with the included surgical tools as well as experiments that use common household items. Each card contains information about an organ, and some include colorful pictures of the real thing. The written materials present detailed scientific information in a way that is easy for kids to understand and interesting and informative for adults.

Bones, Nerves, and Eyeballs Glow in the Dark

Turn off the lights to see the Human Body's nerves and skeleton glow in the dark. The same eerie effect can be seen with the skull and its squishy eyeballs.

Dissect with Realistic, Safe Surgical Tools

With Squishy Science from Head to Toe, your child can be a surgeon. The plastic surgical tools are kid-safe and are modeled after their real-life equivalent. Our testers found the plastic scalpel was sharper than the other tools but still blunt enough that it would be safe for kids eight and up.

What's in the Box

12-inch plastic human body model with stand, nine removable squishy organs, 12 plastic bones and muscles, Organ-izer poster, eight brain pieces, two squishy eyeballs, eight-piece skull model with base, four vertebrae pieces with spinal cord, rubber band, forceps, scalpel, tweezers, 10 activity cards, 24-page book, and instruction sheet.

About SmartLab

SmartLab is a leading designer of educational toys for children ages four through 12, focusing on science toys, robotic toys, and arts & craft kits. Based in Bellevue, Washington, SmartLab stands out in the industry by including an informative book with each toy to provide a wealth of information on the given topic. SmartLab believes that kids learn best through hands-on exploration, so that experience is wrapped up in a fun, inventive toy and a cool book.

Founded in 2004, SmartLab began with just eight science kits. Today, more than 60 SmartLab products are sold worldwide, and have collectively won over 50 awards, including the 2011 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award and the 2011 Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award.