Weather Terrarium DIY Build and Grow Kit

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Weather Terrarium DIY Build and Grow Kit, Create and Study The Water Cycle and Ecosystems, Space Station Model Design with Thermometer, Weather Vane, Compass, Rain Gauge

  • WEATHER TERRARIUM: The multitasking weather station lets you observe different weather phenomena like wind & wind direction with the weather vane & compass, or temperature with a real thermometer.
  • RECREATE THE WATER CYCLE: Observe the stages of evaporation, condensation, & precipitation by collecting rainwater in the reservoir & watching the water cycle occur inside your terrarium globe!
  • CULTIVATE PLANTS: With your own seeds & growing medium, plant seeds inside the terrarium & watch them grow with the help of the naturally occurring water cycle! Just add a little water!
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Product description

Style:Weather Terrarium

Build your own weather station

Get ready to be a meteorologist with the Discovery Mindblown Weather Terrarium! The DIY mini weather station kit includes everything you need to build a weather station that doubles as a real terrarium!

Grow plants in your terrarium

The globe part of the weather station is built for growing and housing plants! The terrarium-style body is perfect for adding your own dirt and seeds so you can cultivate any plant of your choosing! (Plants and plant medium not included).

Simulate and observe weather phenomena

Use the weather station to simulate and recreate natural phenomena like the water cycle, wind directions, and temperature changes using the included equipment!


Build your own miniature weather station and terrarium

Plant and grow your own plants in the terrarium’s globe

Recreate and observe the water cycle’s phases

Simulate weather indoors with temperature, wind direction, and more

Package Includes:

2x Sprinkler pieces

3x Anemometer pieces

2x Weather vane pieces

3x Satellite pieces


2x Thermometer support pieces

2x Rain gauge pieces


Compass stand

4x Wind collector pieces

5x screws

Northern hemisphere globe piece

Southern hemisphere globe piece

2x Faux solar panels

Sticker sheet


Note: Plant seeds, soil, screwdriver not included but needed to assemble/complete set.

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