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The DK Eyewitness books belong in the personal library of every curious adult, all school libraries, and on the shelves of children seeking early knowledge in particular scientific fields.

"Eyewitness: Great Scientists" is really for the curious who thirst for knowledge, who must know things. Its depth is beyond other Eyewitness books. For science it is still an introduction, but an introduction to approximately 30 different fields.

"Eyewitness: Great Scientists" is a whetstone for young minds interested in any field of science. Why? For example, the child is introduced to Madame Curie, is fascinated by her life and work, then seeks out single books about her. Curiosity grows into a greater knowledge. This book is not a stopping point, but a stepping stone to a greater destination.

Most of the 30 scientists are given a two-page spread identifying them, their work, a timely chronology, sideline stories, and other related matter. The two-pages include photographs, illustrations, and text.

Look at some of the scientists included:
Zhang Heng
William Harvey
Georges Cuvier
Charles Babbage
Louis Pasteur
Marie Curie
Albert Einstein
Edwin Hubble
Dorothy Hodgkin
Stephen Hawking

The book concludes with a section on "Science and the future," offers milestones, lists websites to "Find out more," and discusses the Nobel Prize.

All the new Eyewitness books come with a 24 x 36 poster highlighting topics from the book and a CD of related clip art. This particular poster has Einstein's relativity theory, Marie Curie's x-ray, Hubble's telescope, Crick and Watson's DNA model, Darwin's natural selection, Harvey's blood flow, Newton's light spectrum, Zhang Heng's star chart, and Archimedes' Screw, plus a few more. The poster is a learning experience in itself.

I hope this review convinces you that "Eyewitness: Great Scientists" is a book to have, not just to collect dust, but to take out and read and add to your store of knowledge. Perhaps it will influence a young mind to do great things!