Code of Conduct


At Academy of Science for Kids, we believe that business should be conducted honestly, fairly and with respect for people, their dignity and their rights. This Code is intended to make clear what this means in terms of practical behavior. It spells out the standards of behavior by which we try to manage the organization. We expect and require that all managers and employees of Academy of Science for Kids apply the same standards in their dealings with other people and organizations.

What are we in Business for?

We are in business to engage the curious minds of children with meaningful science activities. Our goal is to prepare future scientists and caretakers of the natural world for a lifetime of imaginative investigation.

Status of this Code

This Code has over-riding status in governing the standards of our business behavior. All contracts entered into by Academy of Science for Kids should be consistent with it. If there are any inconsistencies, we are required to act in accordance with this Code’s standards rather than any lower standards set out in such contracts.

In running our business, Academy of Science for Kids is required to observe the standards of conduct set out below:

Standards of Behavior

Towards Employees

Our employees are our greatest assets.  Our continued success depends entirely on harnessing their talents and enthusiasm. We will:

• Respect the human rights of all employees.
• Provide good, safe and healthy conditions in which to work.
• Provide competitive earnings and other employment benefits.
• Offer fair terms of employment through contracts of employment that even-handedly confer mutual benefits and responsibilities on employer and employee.
• Promote the development and best use of people’s talents.• Select, train and promote employees fairly, on merit, giving equal opportunities to all.• Not discriminate among employees or potential employees on the grounds of race, color, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political opinion, sexual orientation, marital status, gender, age, disability or part time or fixed term status.• Ensure a working environment that is free from harassment and bullying.• Manage people with consideration and respect, providing feedback on their performance.• Ensure that disciplinary procedures are documented, fair and open.• Keep all employees informed about changes, trends and developments within the brand.• Not ask any employee to do anything that is illegal or immoral or that fails to comply with the standards of any recognized professional body of which he or she is a member.• Encourage employees to speak up about any instances of wrongdoing or breaches of this Code that they become aware of.• Respect employees' rights to join whatever lawful representative organizations they wish or to choose not to join any such organizations.
• Respect employees’ rights to take part in civic activity (such as charitable work, acting as a school governor and standing for election to public office) and to practice their religions in accordance with their own beliefs, subject to their compliance with their contracts of employment.
• Not seek to employ people on casual, fixed term, or other bases in order to avoid giving them employment protection, social security or other normal employee benefits.

Towards Customers

To continue to succeed, we need to win and retain customers by building partnerships with them. We will:

• Supply products and services that offer consumers good value in terms of price, quality, performance, style, safety and environmental impact.
• Establish mutually beneficial business relationships and strive to meet or exceed the spirit as well as the letter of our contractual commitments.
• Seek clarity in all our agreements, trying to avoid any ambiguity about what we undertake to do and what we expect of our customers.
• Ensure that any quality or performance problems that occur in our products are dealt with expeditiously with the minimum inconvenience to our customers and consumers.
• Not seek to obtain sales or other business advantages by giving bribes or other dubious inducements.  We will not make any payments to any employees of customers or government departments or agencies in order to obtain commercial advantage.
• Take all reasonable practicable measures to prevent counterfeits of our products from being marketed.

Towards Suppliers

An efficient and reliable supply chain is an increasingly key factor in business success.  This requires close inter-dependent partnerships with our suppliers. We will:

• Seek to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers.
• Comply with the spirit as well as the letter of contracts with suppliers, not taking advantage of unintended errors.
• Seek clarity in all our agreements, trying to avoid any ambiguity about what we undertake to do and what we expect our suppliers to do.
• Develop business with suppliers on the basis of their embracing and complying with our Code of Business Conduct, especially our Employment Standards, Health and Safety and Environmental policies.
• Agree clear payment terms with our suppliers and make sure we pay them on time in accordance with those terms, not avoiding payment on technical pretexts.
• Insist on honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business with suppliers and not tolerate any attempts to obtain business from us by payments or gifts to our employees or agents or members of their families.
• Not establish business relationships with people or organizations that we have any reason to believe may be involved in unlawful or unethical business practices.

Towards the Wider Community

We believe that business organizations have an obligation to be good corporate citizens. We will:

• Comply fully with the requirements of all laws and regulations of each country in which we operate.
• Try to minimize any adverse effects of our activities on the environment and the earth’s natural resources.
• Not make payments to political parties or take any part in party politics, although we reserve the right to raise matters that affect our legitimate business interests with governments and political organizations.
• Encourage our employees to become involved in community activities.
• Support worthwhile relevant charity and community organizations and activities

Other Matters - Competition

We believe in a free and fair market economy as the most appropriate environment for business. Therefore we will:

• Compete vigorously but fairly in the markets in which we operate.
• Not try to restrict competition by price fixing or participation in cartels.
• Not seek to obtain confidential information about competitors by underhand means.
• Respect other people’s intellectual property rights.

Other Matters - Confidentiality

We will take care to safeguard the confidentiality of information that we hold about employees and our business partners. Such information will only be made available to those by whom it is needed to undertake their work.

Other Matters - Understanding & Compliance

We will develop and implement programs to enable all present and future employees to be informed about and understand our standards of business conduct and the behavior required of them.

We will require our senior executives to report at least once a year on their compliance with our standards of business conduct and the steps they have taken to communicate these standards to all employees and monitor their application.