Science Kit - Robotics

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What you will do in this course:

  • Perform the Tasks of a Materials Manager
  • Dissect Drives and Gears
  • Learn to Solder and Construct the Robot
  • Dissect the Remote Control
  • Play Robot Basketball
  • Compare Your Robot to the Human Arm
  • Put a Bug in a Bug Jar
  • Determine Specifications of Your Robot
  • Stack Some Blocks
  • Test Your Nerves
  • Leave Your Mark Behind
  • Design a Better Robotic Arm


This kit contains 12 activities and is designed to be a comprehensive study of Robotics.  The kit is not grade- or age-specific, but instead covers all of the important concepts generally taught over years in the old, spiraling school paradigm.  In keeping with the new National Science Standards of effective teaching, this kit provides weeks of concentrated study.  

Strictly hands-on, many of the activities are full-scale controlled experiments following the Scientific Method.  A miniature science fair board is even included.  

Absolutely everything needed for the activities is in the box, and each activity is individually bagged and tagged.  No "common household items" to gather—all you add is water—and no difficult instructions to first decipher.  Simply follow along in the student lab journal and let the learning take hold.  

The student lab journal with easy to follow instructions comes with the kit.  The clearly written journal allows the concepts to be revealed through the activities.  There is very little pre-planning on the teacher's part and older students (beyond 4th grade) should be able to complete the work independently.  

The Teacher's Manual is a small PDF file accessed online at under the heading "Teacher's Corner".  Here one will find lesson objectives, helpful advice and test question answers.

At the conclusion of the kit, all students may log-on and take a test to receive a diploma from the Academy of Science for Kids.  

This science kit is aligned with the National Science Standards and is developed by a Member of the National Science Teacher's Association.  It is suitable for classroom use, homeschool curriculum, lab time, afterschool enrichment, and just plain fun!  

Robotics is one of those universal topics that every student should have the opportunity to explore and Academy of Science for Kids makes learning about Robotics cool and easy!