Mini Electrolysis Apparatus

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This easy to set up, inexpensive device was designed by teachers

in order to collect the correct proportions of hydrogen and

oxygen from the electrolysis of water. Its unique design helps

correct issues such as falling test tubes perched over unsteady

electrodes and gases escaping due to poor alignment.


This product is great for general science teachers, chemistry

classes or when teaching concepts such as Mixtures and

Compounds, States of Matter, Oxidation Reduction Reactions,

Law of Thermodynamics, and Alternative Energy.


Each device consists of the electrolysis unit, gas collection tubes

and a clear polycarbonate tub. The device will attach to any

6-12 Volt DC power supply (not included) using the alligator

clips on the unit’s power leads. Includes activity guide and an

instructional CD.


Shipping weight: 1 lb., dimensions: 7” x 4.5” x 3.5”.