Wave Motion Demonstrator

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This outstandingly versatile transverse wave machine consists of a series of pendulums independently suspended on a common base and coupled together by long, light springs. It has two modules with 21 pendulums each, a damping unit with a paddle and water bath, and a motor-powered eccentric driver for controlled excitation of traveling or standing waves. The ends of the pendulums are bright yellow for excellent visibility of the wave pattern. Coupling hardware is supplied so that the Demonstrator can be used with either a single module or with both modules coupled to make a longer machine. A brake mechanism allows all the pendulums to be arrested simultaneously, "freezing" the momentary pattern of the pendulums. Basic phenomena in transverse wave propagation can be clearly shown. Using the damping module, running waves can be generated and standing wave patterns, wave reflection, and superposition can be shown when the damping module is removed. More detailed description available upon request.

Shipping weight: 15.5 lbs., dimensions: 26" x 12" x 9".