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Assists in the measurement of spectroscopic angles, refraction, and diffraction. It is geared to meet the requirements of student lab experiments. The unit is mounted on stable base with an attached collimator. The platform is able to rotate 360 degrees.

Specifications include:

  • A 2.6cm diameter achromatic optical system with a 10x eyepiece and crosshair.

  • A 16cm diameter 360 degree x 0.5 degree enclosed graduated circle with a double-ended external 0-30’ x 1’ Vernier, and 2 built-in scale reading magnifiers.

  • An 8cm diameter grating/prism table with an engraved ring pattern. Table has adjustable prism and grating holders.

  • A 6mm slit, opening to 2mm.

  • Angular measurement accuracy of up to 1 degree.

    Wooden storage box, teacher activity guide, and diffraction grating and prism are included. Shipping weight: approximately 26 lbs., dimensions of wooden box: 19" x 13" x 13".