The Mirage

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This unique apparatus consists of two specially designed parabolic mirrors positioned one above the other with the concave reflecting sides facing

inwards. Light from an object placed at the center of the
bottom mirror is reflected by both mirrors to form a real,
three-dimensional image at the center of the top mirror. The illusion is so good that many observers try to grasp the image. The diameter is 22.5 cm.

Shipping weight: 14.35 oz., dimensions: 9.5" x 9.5" x 2.5 

From the manufacturer:  

Bring the principles of 3-D real images right into your classroom with Mirage, a uniquely compact device. Place any small object into this precision optical instrument, and it instantly appears above the unit in true three dimensions. It’s all done with mirrors! Now you can illustrate 3-D real images and contrast them with the virtual images that appear as mirrored reflections. An explanatory booklet is included. Size: 22 cm dia. x 7.5cm H.