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An entire optics set at a great price! Includes everything you need to demonstrate basic principles of light, and color. Comes in a reusable storage box. Shipping weight 1.75 lbs., dimensions: 14"x 9.5"x 3".

1- Double convex lens, 38mm diameter, glass 2- Prisms, equilateral, 25mm x 50mm, acrylic 1- Double concave lens, 38mm diameter, glass 1- Plain lens, 38mm diameter, glass
2- Mirrors, square, acrylic
2- Plastic mirror supports
1- Wooden lens holder
1- Beaker, graduated, plastic
1- Flashlight (2 batteries included)
1- Plastic screen, white
1- Clear glass screen
1- Candle
5- Cellophane squares in 5 colors
1- Activity Guide, containing 20 experiments