Advanced Labware Kit

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This kit features a comprehensive manual titled Chemistry the Easy
and  101 Great Science Experiments. The kit contains 113 pieces. All the basic materials, plus

  • 1-Flat-bottom glass boiling flask, 500ml, Bomex brand
  • 1-Glass Erlenmeyer flask, 500ml, Bomex brand
  • 1-Flat bottom boiling flask, 250ml, Bomex brand
  • 1-Beaker, 400ml, Bomex, 1-Beaker, 150ml, Bomex
  • 1-Pair of safety goggles, 1-Wooden test tube rack
  • 1-Burette clamp, 1-Support stand, 4”x6”
  • 1-Test tube, 16x150mm,
  • 1-Watch glass, 100mm, 2-Wire gauze, 5x5”
  • 2-Glass medicine droppers
  • 4-Measuring cups 30cc
  • 1-Test tube clamp, 3-Glass stir rods, 6”
  • 1-Stainless steel spatula, 180mm
  • 1-Single scale cylinder, 50ml Bomex brand
  • 1-Wood splints, pk/500, 6-Rubber stoppers, size #0, solid
  • 3-Rubber stoppers, size #0, 1-hole
  • 2-Rubber stoppers, size #0, 2-hole
  • 2-Rubber stoppers, size #6, solid
  • 2-Rubber stoppers, size #6, solid
  • 2-Rubber stoppers, size #6, solid
  • 1-Support ring and clamp, 3”
  • 1-Rubberized cloth apron
  • 4-Pairs of latex gloves