Molecular Model Set

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Hands-on exploration of organic and inorganic compounds! High quality molecular model kits that will last a lifetime. These detailed kits allow you to build simple inorganic compounds such as H20, NaCI, H2SO4, O2, and C12; simple organic molecules such as ethylene, acetylene, and propane; or complex compounds such as sugar and cyclohexane. Made from a super strong, unbreakable pre-colored plastic. The connecting bonding plugs fit securely yet are flexible enough for double bonding applications. The balls are precision drilled for correct bond angles.

Molecular Model - Instructor's Set (Deluxe)
Set includes:
30 - 2.5 cm Black Alkane Carbon balls
20 - 2.5 cm Black Alkene Carbon balls
10 - 2.5 cm Black Alkyne Carbon balls
25 - 2.5 cm Green Halogens and Monovalient Non - Metals balls
20 - 2.5 cm Yellow Sulfur/Selenium Hexavalent balls
20 - 2.5 cm Orange Sodium/Potassium Monovalent Metals balls
30 - 2 cm Red Oxygen balls
30 - 2 cm Blue Nitrogen/Phosphorous Trivalent and Pentavalent
Elements balls
30 - 2 cm Yellow Aluminum/Chromium Trivalent Metals balls
30 - 2 cm Orange Calcium/Magnesium Bivalent Metals balls
125 - 1 cm White Hydrogen balls with Integral Bonding Lugs
150 - 1 cm Bonding Lugs
370 : Total number of balls
520 : Total number of components